Week Five Recipe – Juices

Week Five Recipes – Smoothies


Week Four Recipes – Juices

Week Four Recipes – Smoothies


Week Three Recipes – Juices

Week Three Recipes – Smoothies


Week Two Recipes – Juices

Week Two Recipes – Smoothies


Week One Recipes – Juices

Week One Recipes – Smoothies


JJC Shopping List – Week Five

JJC Shopping List – Week Four

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JJC Shopping List – Week Two

JJC Shopping List – Week One

Thank you for joining the Juicy July Challenge!

Where I challenge you to join me to have just one fresh homemade juice or smoothie per day throughout July… I am convinced that 31 juices or smoothies  later  you’ll be feeling much healthier, brighter and most likely a bit lighter!

Everyday I’ll be sharing a juice and smoothie recipe for you to include into your day… breakfast, lunch or evening meal… or just as a pick-me-up rather than some processed carbs.

The Challenge
The month is divided into 4 sections – each with a different focus:

Week 1 – Power Me Up
Your “Go To” booster juices, great for any time of the day, made with vegetables and fruit that pack a punch

Week 2 – Cleanliness is next to Godliness
Cleansing juices and smoothies that can help you achieve dramatic results in your overall well-being:
Clear eyes and skin, improved digestion, reduced water retention and a clearer mind!

Week 3 – Time to Heal
Raw juices allow your digestive system to rest – meaning better and quicker absorption of nutrients by the body.
These juices and smoothies will aid digestion and help to reduce any inflammation.

Week 4 – V4 Vitality
Vitamins, minerals, raw enzymes galore – by Week 4 you should be feeling revitalised and raring to go!
This was an idea I dreamt up sitting around the kitchen table, in the middle of June… there ‘s no commitment to raise money or make any donations – I just want to see if I can get as many people as possible juicing / blending in July and feeling healthier, brighter and lighter!

So if you’re up for the challenge CLICK HERE to sign up and let me know if you have any particular goals or questions that you would like to achieve by taking part in the challenge.

Everyone that enters (and sticks with the challenge), will be entered into a draw at the end of the month to win a 7 Day Juicing Retreat at Maison de Lunel, later this year*

I’d love for you to share with your friends, family and colleagues… to get as many poeple as possible involved…

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  • Daily juice and blend recipes
  • Suggested shopping lists
  • Lots of juicy hints and tips
  • Learn about the benefits if juicing
  • Special Offers
  • A certificate to prove you “Juiced July”

Win a 7 Day Juicing Retreat at Maison de Lunel

Everyone that signs up to the Juicy July Challenge (and sticks to the plan) will be entered into a draw to win a 7 day juicing retreat at Maison de Lunel later this year *

  • Join us in the magnificent rural French countryside and take the first steps to improving your overall health and well-being on one of our  juice fasting detox and yoga retreats.
  • Our 7-day retreats offers you the opportunity to nourish and cleanse your body and mind – perfect if you want to review your diet and lifestyle and increase your health, fitness, and happiness levels.  At the end of your juice fast you will feel lighter, have more energy, clearer skin and eyes, and generally feel much healthier from the inside-out.
  • Our freshly extracted organic juices and blends are all organic and we work with local producers to source our fruit and vegetables.
  • You will enjoy gentle yoga practices each morning and evening combined with guided meditations to help support you in relaxing, healing, and transitioning to a healthier lifestyle.
  • We offer a wide variety of activities from swimming, running, cycling, guided walks and hiking as well as juicing demonstrations; group talks and documentaries.
  • Entry to the draw is free and does not include travel to/from Maison de Lunel or travel insurance.
  • The only commitment for being entered into the draw is to stick with the Juicy July Challenge for the whole of July 2020 and share / post your photos each day on Instagram or Facebook.
    I realise that not everyone is on social media – therefore photos can be sent to the email: ****
    For the purposes of the competition 28 days of photos will ensure you’re in the draw – I will of course still provide recipes for the full 31 days*Due to the Covid-19 travel restrictions currently in place, we have not announced dates for our proposed September and October retreats, but we are hoping to have the dates confirmed during July. If we are unable to host the retreats due to further Covid -19 travel restrictions the offer will be extended to Maison de Lunel hosted retreats in 2021.

Ross Beckley SCMA
“Having decided to make some significant changes to our own busy corporate lifestyle, Neil and I discovered Maison de Lunel in our search to create a retreat environment that would truly nourish the mind, body and soul. We wanted to create a sanctuary that we could share with others – a place that would inspire and relax in equal measures; a retreat that offers a beautiful setting to recharge the soul naturally and an environment that offers luxury and comfort… a place where guests can truly escape and rediscover themselves. Our dream has become a reality and as we will be opening our doors later this year, we are delighted to offer a series of retreats that encompass yoga and meditation; education and personal development; plentiful outdoor activities and escapes, and of course the finest nutrition that nature has to offer”.

Ross is a certified nutritional adviser and weight loss coach; a passionate juicing advocate and a vegetarian cook… “my aim is to share practices that can be integrated into daily life, not only during the retreat but also after, so that guests leave equipped with the tools and knowledge to be able make a long term shift towards better physical and mental wellbeing.

I am a student member of the Complimentary Medical Association.

If you would like further information about our retreats and venue hire please complete the Contact Us form or send us an email: