Natural Juice Fast & Yoga Retreat

12 – 19 September 2020

19 – 26 September 2020

Join us for an amazing week of well-being, fitness and the ultimate nutritional programme in the magnificent rural French countryside.


Our 7-day juice and yoga retreat offers you the opportunity to truly nourish and cleanse your mind and body… perfect if you want to reset and kickstart a healthier new you. A fresh juice cleanse offers you the ideal programme to cleanse and detox, whilst stimulating your body’s metabolism and immune system. This is especially helpful if you are looking to lose weight or simply just feel great.  At the end of your juice retreat you’ll feel revitalised and refreshed from the inside-out.

Our freshly extracted natural juices and blends are made with the finest produce – we work with local producers to source and supply our fruit and vegetables. in fact, as part of the retreat we would like to invite you meet with our producers and learn more about their farming methods.

You will enjoy gentle yoga practices each morning and evening combined with guided meditations to help support you in relaxing, healing and transitioning to a healthier lifestyle.

We encourage you be as active as possible during the week and really “breath in the pure fresh air” to further support your detox and rejuvenation. As well as daily yoga we offer a wide variety of activities including daily guided walks and fitness sessions. You can also borrow our bikes if you wish to cycle and explore a little further. There will also be a juicing demonstrations; group talks and discussion and an evening documentary or film.


  • 7 day supervised juice fasting programme
  • 7 nights’ accommodation
  • Yoga & Meditation – 90 minutes morning & evening
  • Daily Fitness Programme
  • Complimentary Massage Treatment (additional treatments available at supplementary cost)
  • Juicing Demonstrations; Group Talks & Documentaries
  • Unlimited Filtered Water & Herbal Teas
  • Unlimited access to the 35 acres of grounds and relaxation areas – including swimming pool, terrace and gym
  • Skill level: Beginner / Intermediate
  • Maximum 8 guests

SPECIAL OPENING OFFER PRICE (inclusive of all taxes):
£745 / €825



Ross Beckley SCMA – Nutrition & Weight-loss Coach
Having decided to make some significant changes to our own busy corporate lifestyle, Neil and I discovered Lunel in our search to create a retreat environment that would truly nourish mind, body and soul. We wanted to create a sanctuary that we could share with others – a place that would inspire and relax in equal measures; a retreat that offers a beautiful setting to recharge the soul naturally and an environment that offers luxury and comfort… a place where guests can truly escape and rediscover themselves. Our dream has become a reality and as we open our doors this Spring, we are delighted to offer a series of retreats that encompass yoga and meditation; education and personal development; plentiful outdoor activities and escapes, and of course the finest nutrition that nature has to offer.

Ross is a certified nutritional adviser and weight loss coach; a passionate juicing advocate and a vegetarian cook… “my aim is to share practices that can be integrated into daily life, not only during the retreat but also after, so that guests leave equipped with the tools and knowledge to be able make a long term shift towards better physical and mental wellbeing.

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Helen Smith – Our Yoga Teacher Extraordinaire

My first experience of yoga was in my thirties. A mother of two young boys, juggling my job as an infant teacher with looking after my sons and being a supportive wife to my husband, a military pilot who spent much time away from home. As is the case with most people balancing work and family life, my stress levels were high. A friend suggested that I try yoga, I had always been physically fit, and I thought that it would be a good stretch. After a couple of sessions I was hooked and realised that a yoga class was better at relaxing me than my evening glass of wine! I attended these Hatha yoga classes for ten years, slowly discovering that the yoga was not only keeping me physically fit, but also having a profound effect on my mind. Eventually, I realised that I needed to follow my heart, I left my teaching job and signed up for a Hatha yoga teacher training course in Egypt. This was a life changing experience as it not only gave me all the necessary theory, but involved living for a week in the desert with a Bedoin tribe, a very humbling experience that taught me so much about myself.

On my return I started teaching yoga to children, some with special needs, teenagers, and adults. I also worked closely with some clients who had undergone chemotherapy, and other debilitating conditions. In 2016 my husband retired and we came to live in France. I have spent my time here both teaching, and extending my knowledge through workshops in meditation I have also qualified as a reiki practitioner. I have seen how yoga can benefit everyone on such different levels, it can just be a good stretch, or on a deeper level, a powerful tool to aid you physically and mentally on your life’s journey. The beautiful setting of Maison de Lunel is an ideal location for practicing yoga.

During your time here, you will be completely removed from the stresses and strains of everyday life, and have a chance to explore the benefits that yoga and a good diet can have on your body. the yoga sessions will use a combination of poses and stretches to ensure that the body is opened and physically stress free. You will be introduced to breathing techniques that will enable you to increase the oxygen levels in the body, as well as those that help the body and mind to relax. We will practice simple meditation and mindfulness and explore the effect that this has on us, bringing together the body and the mind. Moreover, you will be able to take these techniques away with you, as a means of controlling stress in your day to day life.

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Sophie Pouly

Sophie Pouly – Our Magical Massage Therapist

Hello, I am Sophie and I am very happy to be part of this beautiful adventure offered by Maison de Lunel. I started massaging ten years ago, following a 10-day silent meditation retreat. This experience allowed me to refine my sensibility to the world in general. At the same time, I also started working with clay as a ceramist. It’s a connection to nature and the elements that teaches and grounds me a lot. I naturally began to massage people around me intuitively by simply going to the parts of the body that called me. Often, it is by listening to my own sensations that I know what the person needs.

To build and develop on my intuitive massage practice I travelled to Laos and spent two months learning Thai massage with 7 teachers from all over the world. This quite unique opportunity allowed me to discover ancestral massage techniques and to deepen my personal practice.

In my own experience, massage as a shared meditation and a dance with the rhythm of your breathing.

During the retreat, I offer two types of massages practiced on the ground with a massage futon:

Energetic & intuitive oil massage
Each massage is unique, listening to your body and your needs.
My gestures are based on your breathing, they are soft and deep and they naturally go to the parts of your body calling me, from head to toes.

Thaï Yoga Massage
From head to toe, this massage allows you to relax and stimulate the body in depth by using pressures, stretches and twists, following body energy lines.

Jenn Howell – Our Effervescent Fitness Instructor

I’m a certified Personal Trainer from the North East of England and fitness has been my passion for as long as I can remember. I’ve been through my own transformations and experimented with various types of training and nutritional programmes to build a knowledgeable portfolio for a range of cases. Whether you’d like to trim down, tone up, lose weight or simply maintain, I can design a programme that works for you!

I’ve been described as contagiously bubbly and infectiously energetic and you may find some of my classes a little bit quirky…  but my aim is to always make you feel at ease whilst giving you a supportive push towards your goals!

On the retreat we’re going to be doing a range of classes that cater for all levels of fitness… we’ll be in the studio, on the woodland training course and of course outdoors and poolside.  All of the activities will tie in well with the daily yoga and juices, which over the course of the week will make you feel on top of the world! All this, set against the backdrop of the gorgeous scenery and beautiful surroundings… you’ll be wishing that you were staying for another week!

I can’t wait to meet everyone and kick-start our fitness and wellness journey together!

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We are all really looking forward to seeing you!

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